Antique Savonnerie French Carpet

Antique Savonnerie French Carpet


Antique Savonnerie French Carpet

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During the early seventeenth century, a weaver named Pierre DuPont travelled to the Levant. Upon his return, he claimed to have discovered the technique of creating Turkish rugs. Oriental rugs were extremely expensive during Bourbon times, and a French manufactory that could create the same type of rug would lower the price significantly. Henri VI of France–the reigning monarch at the time–took advantage of DuPont’s skills and established a workshop for him at the Louvre. In 1627, King Louis XIII founded a manufactory for DuPont and his apprentice, Simon Lourdes, on the site of a defunct soap factory in the sixteenth arrondissement (also known as Quai de Chaillot). The name “Savonnerie” was born from the French word “Savon” meaning “soap.” DuPont and Lourdes worked together, weaving rugs under a royal patent for the king and other nobles until they had a falling out and split up. Lourdes remained at the Chaillot location while DuPont went to his workshops in the Louvre, though both continued to make Savonnerie rugs.

This piece features a elegant display, woven to perfection with symmetry and radiance. Instantly enhance any space with this antique carpet. Suitable for styling with both modern interiors and classic spaces. Suitable for use as a bedroom, living room, dining room or kitchen area rug. This carpet has been woven with only the finest materials including hand-spun wool and cotton that have been dyed with non-toxic, organic materials including flowers and plants. The technique and materials used make it durable and sure to last if cared for correctly. This piece is in great condition and is sure to stand out in ay space it is introduced too.

Antique rugs, French Savonnerie carpet, Beige Floral carpet rug
Measures: 274 x 365 cm.


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