Oriental Kilim Rug Rust Blue Carpet Geometric Kilim

Oriental Kilim Rug Rust Blue Carpet Geometric Kilim


Oriental Beige Blue Rug Geometric Kilim Rug 193 x 297 cm

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This multicolour Blue Beige kelim or large kilim rug was handmade in the north of Afghanistan by Uzbek and Turkman tribes using local wool and cotton. Decorative rugs use of organic dyes enhances the quality of the carpet use of organic dyes improves the quality of the carpet, showing a tribal design deriving from the Qashqai tribes of Iran. The primary colours are Green, yellow, red, white, light blue. It can bring a gory to your home interior as a living room rug, bedroom rug or dining room rug even can be a suitable geometric rug for both modern contemporary or rustic farmhouse decor.

Oriental Kilim Rug Blue Beige Carpet Geometric Kilim

379 x 292 cm


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