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You can now sell your rug at Pars Rug Gallery

Due to a large number of daily requests regarding recommendations for selling rugs, we decided to offer an additional service.

As a result, you can now advertise your rug on our website.
We only accept rugs that we consider particularly valuable because they will be shown as part of our collection.

We give you a complete service where we take care of every step. From photography to promotion on our website, which is highly optimised for search engines and social media, we do it all. We’ll even deliver the rug to its new home. 

Selling your rug has never been so simple…
Your rug acquires visibility immediately by being listed on our website. Small fees and small commissions apply.

Our complimentary service does not charge you high commissions but does ask for a medium-term commitment.
Selling a rug is an art. We will increase your chances of finding the best new owner for your rug.

How does it work?

We offer a fully comprehensive service. We don’t just upload photos of your rug to our website – we take care of everything. Furthermore, we give you an expert and honest opinion about the value of your rug.

1. We will visit you in order to assess the value of your rug. The valuation will be verbal. For a written certified valuation you will pay an additional fee.
2. Your rug will be transported to our workshop where professional photos can be taken.
3. The photos and an original description of your rug will be uploaded to our website.
4. The webpage featuring your rug will be shared through our social media channels.
5. Your rug will also be shown to customers who visit our warehouse in Southampton, where your rug will be kept safely until the end of the agreement.


We hope you appreciate that we visit your house without charging any additional cost. We take care also of the marketing side of selling. We do not only promote your rug through our website and our social media channels, but we also propose your rug to the clients who visit us.

In respect of the price of your rug, the value will be assessed by an expert and we hope you understand that it is not possible to sell a rug at a higher price than its value. Indeed, it is important to appreciate that your rug or carpet has been used, so it cannot be sold as a brand-new item.


Download The Selling Kit to find out our prices.

What types of rugs do we accept?

>We accept contemporary and antique handmade rugs.
Please note that every rug must be professionally cleaned by us before being sold. This is not only for aesthetic reasons but for hygiene reasons as well. You will be responsible for all rug cleaning expenses.

If your rug needs to be restored you must cover that expense too because the rug remains your property until it is sold.

When your rug is sold we will take care of all the procedures to get it delivered to the final customer.
We will give you the good news straight away and then discuss payment of the proceeds.

>From the selling price we deduct only 20% commission on the value of the rug, minus VAT.


We hope you appreciate that we will be responsible for the delivery of the rug at no extra cost from your side.


Further terms of the agreement
• We do not guarantee that your rug will be sold. We offer only a valuable platform to increase the chances of selling your rug.
• All rugs must be cleaned by us before being put up for sale. This will incur our standard cleaning charge. Rugs may also need to be repaired or restored to qualify for the selling service.
• You will not be charged for our verbal valuation.
• You can take possession of professional photos at no extra cost.
• You can decide to have your rug back when you like without any additional fees. However, if you have already paid for the service you will not be refunded.
• If you want your rug back before the termination of the contract, you are responsible for picking up the rug from our branches in Hampshire (Romsey or Southampton). If you want your rug delivered back to you a small fee may be applied.

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