Vintage Turkish Rug

Vintage Turkish Rug


Antique Turkish Rug 175 x 275 cm

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This soft color vintage Milas carpet rests beautifully upon a field of soft lime green, light gray and brown colors. A medallion of vibrant and neutrals takes center stage and is well balanced by four prominent organic corner motifs composed of various muted colors. A fairly broad border gently surrounds the center field. Natural elements of stems, vines and flowers woven in a geometric style throughout the entire carpet complemented by design accents of delicate colors. This Milas remains elegantly refined in both palette and sophisticated design. Hand-knotted in Milas with hand-spun wool and cotton which has been dyed using organic vegetable dyes. The design and style are traditional to Milas’ designs with the central medallion and highly detailed border. Circa 1950s

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