Traditional Handmade Geometric Kilim Cushion Cover


Traditional Handmade Geometric Kilim Cushion Cover

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Traditional Handmade Geometric Kilim Cushion Cover

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This beautiful cushion cover is a handmade geometric Kilim cushion. Kilim is the flatweave technique used in the making of this cushion traditionally used for rug making by nomads whom used the pieces  on both the floor and walls for decoration and warmth.  The design features a symmetrical geometric pattern that is sure to compliment many home styles. Delicately constructed with a bold blue, orange, brown-red and yellow colour palette with cream accents. The design and colours featured in this Kilim cushion cover are sure to elevate any armchair or sofa.

Woven in the early 21st century with only the finest wool and cotton that has been locally sourced. The master weavers use organic dyeing techniques such as non-toxic vegetable dyes that have been used for generations. These cushions are popular with both home owners and interior designers because of the beautiful colours and textures.

Excellent condition, ready for use.


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