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 Green Modern Geometric Kilim

Size: 175x246cm


Antique Anatolian Turkish Kilim

Size: 143x169cm


Antique Blue Red Kilim

Size: 133 x 200cm


Antique Caucasian Karabagh Kilim

Size: 176x280cm


Antique Collectible Persian Shahsavan Moghan Rug

Size: 44x94cm

Original price was: £1,200.00.Current price is: £980.00.

Antique Mazandran Persian Carpet

Size: 154 x 473cm


Antique Moldovian Kilim Rug

Size: 276x330cm


Antique Mustard Brown Kilim Rug

Size: 93 x 141cm


Antique Persian Mohtasham Rug

Size: 188x286cm


Antique Persian Shahsavan Runner Rug

Size: 68x306cm

Original price was: £1,200.00.Current price is: £890.00.

Antique Persian Turkmen Rug

Size: 43x82cm

Original price was: £1,500.00.Current price is: £1,250.00.

Antique Rugs Persian Qashqai Kilims

Size: 173 x 269 cm


Antique Sakroy Kilim Rug

Size: 103x345cm


Antique Sarkisla Kilim

Size: 245 x 350 cm


Antique Serbian Red Pirot Kilim

Size: 150x246cm


Antique Sweedish Carpet

Size: 295 x 380cm


Antique Turkish Kilim

Size: 206x313cm


Antique Turkish Sarkisla Kilim

Size: 293x338cm


Blue Beige Turkish Antique Kilim Rug

Size: 270 x 360cm


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