Antique Persian Khorassan Carpet

Antique Persian Khorassan Carpet


Antique Persian Khorassan Carpet

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Faithful to the style of many stunning large Persian rugs, this antique Oriental rug masterpiece features an antique rugs design. The floral carpet combines vibrant colours with elegantly flowing floral motifs to create a sophisticated surface that can add impeccable style and grace to any environment. Rich gold, sage green, earthy khaki, and gentle crimson red all come together to create this red rug’s warm and regal colour palette. Though the colours are chosen to convey a sunny setting, there is enough soft contrast to make several points of interest between the borders and the activity at the heart of the antique woven rug itself. The dancing leaves and petals are spaced out in a series of original arrangements on the handmade carpet, resulting in an attractive collection of motifs that seem to have been strewn about by the wind. This candid scene conveys an almost intimate degree of secrecy as if the viewer has stumbled upon a rare sight in the natural world. These extra-large rugs look beautiful and would stand out as large living room rugs and large bedroom rugs. These washable rugs are one of a kind and cannot be found in every rug warehouse or rug store.
Crimson antique rugs red handmade carpet, all over Turkish rugs for sale
Measures: 295 x 376 cm.




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