Antique Kazak Rug

Antique Kazak Rug


Antique Kazak Rug 114 x 216 cm

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This beautiful flatwoven kazak rug features a freen field with a stunning red motif central design and a highly detrailed repeat pattern. The mixture of colours and the unique design make this antique rug the perfect accent piece. Antique handmade carpet Caucasian Kazak, was handwoven circa the 1900s. The city of Kazak is located on the western republic of Azerbaijan which is famous for producing fantastic Patterned rugs from the 18th century onwards using vibrant colours and geometric designs and can be a very elegant rug for part of the home decor as a living room rugs or hallways rugs. Woven with hand-spun wool which has been dyes with traditional dying techniques, using organic materials for colour. Style this fantastic piece in any room in your home! Instantly uplift the aesthetic of your home with this beautiful wool rug!

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