Antique Caucasian Azerbaijan Rug

Antique Caucasian Azerbaijan Rug


Antique Caucasian Azerbaijan Rug 102 x 156 cm

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This Antique Caucasian Azerbaijan Rug is a magnificent example of Caucasian weaving from the Shirvan region. We though these ivory ground rugs may seem much better from a distance, this one has a great range of colours and variation in design including some very charming personal details. the design features a fantastic repeat of flower motifs. These fantastic flowers emulate a typical Lotus; in the Persian old mythological story these are related the start of the humanity.

The sophisticated methods and high-quality ingredients employed by the master rug makers ensures that each piece is a beautiful and unique work of art. A piece of craftsmanship second to none- with natural dyes, hand-spun wool and cottons have been woven by hand ensuring that each piece would last for decades and in many cases, centuries.

Easily match this wool area rug to both modern and classic home styles for that cosy country or crisp contemporary feel. This piece is suitable for use as a bedroom rug, livingroom rug, entranceway rug or dining room rug.

This piece is in good condition, clean and ready for use in any room in your home.

102 x 156 cm

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