Ziegler Sultanabad Rug

Ziegler Sultanabad Rug


Ziegler Sultanabad Rug 150 x 210 cm

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This modern Zielger Rug has a traditional Saltanabad design. Woven on a loom in Afghanistan by master weavers. Woven with the finest materials; hand spun wool has been used, dyed using traditional organic vegetable dying techniques. The design features a symmetrical floral pattern through the centre, woven in colours of beige and cream on a subtle red background. Delicately woven to perfection.
The rugs of Sultanabad are extremely desirable in the modern marketplace. The popularity of Sultanabad rugs goes back to the mid-19th century. Originally designed and produced for export to European consumers in 19th and 20th centuries, the Ziegler firm being the primary producer.
This beautiful large scale floral design wool rugs are perfect for any home interior. Decorate your wood floors with one of our many Ziegler rugs.

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