Vintage Persian Runner Rug

Vintage Persian Runner Rug


Vintage Persian Runner Rug 240 x 94 cm

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The highly detailed central emblem sits on a background of a deep orange/ red. The cream in the motif contrast beautifully drawing you in. Geometric patterns and floral motifs wind and connect all around the centre to create an attentively finished rug. Perfect for a hallway or bedroom

All natural organic hand-spun wool and cotton has been used in the construction of this stunning floor runner rug. Vegetable dyes have been used to create the stunning colouration both subtle and bold. These stunning carpets look beautiful and stand out as living room rugs, bedroom rugs, dining room rugs or as entrance way rugs. Washable and one of a kind these rugs cannot be found in any other rug warehouse or store. Hand woven in persia Circa 1960.

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