Vintage Persian Kilim Rug

Vintage Persian Kilim Rug


Vintage Persian Kilim Rug 85x158cm

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This Vintage Persian Kilim Rug is a tribal wool rug is a Kilim rug carpet that derives from Persian village weavers. The Kelim flat weave rug is all-natural and completely handmade using the best organic hand-spun wool and cotton. Also, only organic dyes have been used for the production of this luxury woven rug. Iranian village weavers created the geometric rugs in the late 20th-century era (1960-1999), designed and woven by local tribes. Handwoven Kilim patterned rugs are very hard-wearing items and therefore ideal for any environment. The rich tones in this colourful rug will complement the interior of your home.

Multi-coloured Small Triangular tree-like symbols cover this stunning runner rug. Sitting on a deep red background, the colours contrast to create this eye-catching piece. The Navy edge is detailed with a pink diamond pattern supported by a second simple green, patterned border. This rug will make a stunning statement piece for any room it is introduced to. These Kilims look beautiful and stand out as living room rugs, bedroom rugs, or an entranceway rug. Washable and one of a kind, these rugs cannot be found in every rug warehouse or rug store. Woven by hand in Persia in the 1960s, this wool kilim is in excellent condition, ready for use in any room.

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