Green Persian Gabbeh Rug

Green Persian Gabbeh Rug


Vintage Persian Gabbeh Rug 115 x 148 cm

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This fine wool rug features a green field with simple animal motifs woven in all four corners. A simple handwoven green rug, sure to uplift any room with its vibrant modern edge. Traditional Persian Gabbeh Rugs are woven with a dense wool pile that is usually thick. Handwoven by the Qashqai people. Constructed with hand-spun wool, which was dyed using traditional vegetable dyeing techniques. The designs are full of creativity and often reveal both vibrant and soft colour palettes. Gabbeh rugs are traditionally constructed by the Qashqai tribe in the Zagros Mountains of Iran and are known for their primitive looks. The Qashqai tribe are world-renowned for their fantastic weaving skills, rug making has been a significant part of their culture for centuries.

Style this rug in any modern or traditional interior for a splash of colour and a simple design. Perfect for use as a bedroom, living room or dining room rug.

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