Rare Vintage Caucasian Rug

Rare Vintage Caucasian Rug


Rare Vintage Caucasian Rug 206 x 260 cm

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This stunningly detailed area rug has been beautifully handwoven in an abundance of beautiful colourways. A multi-layered border or linear floral and geometric motif patterns in Blue, pink, and yellow, frames the central design. On a background of deep blue sits a symmetrical repeat pattern of triangular like motifs, intricately handwoven to create a beautiful highly detailed eye-catching rug. These Stunning rugs handmade and designed by skilful artisans. All natural organic hand-spun wool and cotton has been used in the construction of this stunning floor rug. Vegetable dyes have been used to create the stunning colouration both subtle and bold. These stunning carpets look beautiful and stand out as living room rugs, bedroom rugs, dining room rugs or as entrance way rugs. (Rare Vintage Caucasian Rug 260×206)

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