Flat Woven Antique Persian Jajim Rug

Flat Woven Antique Persian Jajim Rug


Flat Woven Antique Persian Jajim Rug 112 x 170 cm

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A practical variation on the handmade flat-weave Kilim, this Persian coverlet, or jajim, features a bold, inherently versatile pattern of multi-width stripes perfectly suited for Mid-Century Modern interiors. Red, orange, green and blue stripes decorate this beautiful Jajim Tapestry while creating a pattern that is stylish yet sophisticated and totally understated. These graphic stripes, which would be equally at home in a western design repertoire, still manage to retain their rustic sensibilities. Pinstripe accents in neutral hues of white and walnut brown emphasize the boldly banded stripes. Like many of the most sought-after tribal textiles, this Persian Jajim has a natural modernity and Minimalist aesthetic imbued with ethnographic qualities that enliven modern interiors. Use at the end of your bed or as a throw over the back of your chair to add a touch of vintage to your home. Handwoven in persia with the finest hand spun wool and cotton, dyed using organic syeing techniques. Circa 1920

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