Antique Kashan Rug

Antique Kashan Rug


Antique Kashan Rug 134 x 203 cm

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This Beautiful Kashan paradise rug features a scalloped Mihrab frame that encloses a lavish field where the a beautiful vase flower arrangement has been woven. The meandering tree branches mingle with a medley of exquisitely composed flowers and leaves creating a majestic cadence throughout this tantalising composition. The series of borders are equal as compelling, with the masterful colour shifts among the complementary tones. With an additional blue background, the Mihrab spandrels seamlessly meld into the overall idyllic design, allowing each stately floral, leaf and branch to lay with elegance. The main border showcases the expressive Shah Abbas palmettes design originally found in antique Oriental carpets crafted from the 16th century. The series of guard borders gracefully reflect a traditional pattern of reciprocating floral motifs and complement the majestic colours used within the field. This antique Kashan rug features the classical Persian vase abundantly flowing with an array of delicate blossoms resulting in an exceptionally graceful and balanced composition. Decorate your livingroom, kitchen or entranceway with this fantastic wool rug.

Constructed with hand-spun wool which has been dyed with organic dyeing techniques, used for generations. Woven on looms by master weavers with traditional hand-knotting techniques that make this piece durable and so suitable for any high traffic area.

Style this piece in a classic country home or a contemporary crisp interior for an instant accent accessory. Suitable for use as a bedroom rug, livingroom rug, hallway rug or entranceway  rug.

134 x 203 cm







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