Vintage Persian Runner Rug

Vintage Persian Runner Rug


Vintage Persian Runner Rug 115 x 304 cm

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This truly unique runner rug was crafted by Turkmen tribes, designed and handwoven with history and design in mind. This rug draws ideas from historic artefacts, for example the handwoven birds on the rug are from ancient hieroglyphics and are a symbol of wealth, historic designs have been copied and emulated over centauries with in rug design.   This Runner rug is completely handmade by using the best organic hand-spun wool and cotton. The artisans who hand weave these beautiful rugs only use natural, organic dyes in the production. These stunning carpets look beautiful and stand out as living room rugs, bedroom rugs, dining room rugs or as entrance way rugs. Washable and one of a kind these rugs cannot be found in any other rug warehouse or store. (Vintage Persian Runner Rug 304×115)

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