Vintage Chinese Safari Tapestry

Vintage Chinese Safari Tapestry


Vintage Chinese Safari Tapestry 174 x 247 cm

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Upgrade your interior walls or floors with this high-quality Vintage Aubusson style tapestry, Hand-woven in 1940 with hand-spun, vegetable-dyed wool and cotton, woven by some of the finest artisans. Perfect for any modern or traditional interiors, bedrooms, living rooms or even entryways, this item is sure to make a lovely accent piece for any room it is introduced to.  Featuring realistically woven safari animals and African style trees and shrubs that flow around the border creating a narrative. The subtle palet is true to the scene in muted green, beige and yellow emulating the realistic nature of this African safari environment.(Vintage Chinese Safari Tapestry 247×174)

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