Vintage Aubusson Tapestry, Wall Hanging

Vintage Aubusson Tapestry, Wall Hanging


Vintage Aubusson Tapestry, Wall Hanging 169 x 178 cm

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Late 19th century antique France Aubusson verdure garden tapestry wall hanging measures 169 x 178 cm and is from Esmaili Rugs collection. This Late 19th-century verdure tapestry, also called garden tapestry, reflects a wonderful iteration of ‘le rustique’ style for which Aubusson became renowned. The meticulous details in this panoramic view define the European countryside. The landscape scene depicts a chateau castle flanked by trees in the lush forest, birds, cottage homes gently placed atop the rolling hills and a pond with flowering shrubs in the foreground. With this antique tapestry’s well-balanced composition and time-softened color palette, it allows the viewer to absorb the depth of the artist’s work. The intricate border emphasizes the majestic style of this captivating antique France verdure garden tapestry. After the 17th century, verdure tapestry scenes began to become more realistic. They often illustrated landscape scenes; however, architectural features such as castles, bridges, animals, and birds would occasionally be woven into these historical pieces. Tapestries take on a spirited type of energy – some say “a joie de vivre” meaning to experience the joys of living, loving and playing by getting back to nature. Explore your interior design options by browsing a huge selection of tapestries with Esmaili Rugs & Antiques. If you want to bring old-world charm into your space, then add one of our antique tapestries. They can be used to create a beautiful centrepiece or focal point in the room. Pictures and wall art are nice; however, a home adorned with tapestries make an elegant and personal statement. Tapestries, not only beautiful, also served a purpose. They were made to divide large spaces into intimate settings, soften cold stone walls and to block out drafts of cool air in winter months. Tapestries add texture and terrific depth to space, whether you want a contemporary look or a period room. We love the way tapestries add warmth and dimension to the stark whiteness and clean lines of modern architecture.

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