Small Vintage Afghan Rug

Small Vintage Afghan Rug


Small Vintage Afghan Rug 49 x 100 cm

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This fine wool Afghan Rug was woven by hand in Afghan in the 1950s. It features a red background and a deep blue accent colour that makes up the symmetrical central design. Geometric and floral symbols run through the centre in an intricate design and sophisticated colour palette. This beautiful vintage rug is perfect for any small area in your home. Instantly uplift your floor space with a cosy traditional rug. With intricately woven designs and beautiful flowing colourways. Bring traditional design to modern homes. This piece is sure to easily match with your vintage or antique furniture. 

Woven with fine, hand-spun wool and cotton that has been dyed with organic dyeing techniques used for generations. This piece is in good condition, clean and ready for use. 

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