NEW Traditional Kilim 132 x 204 cm


NEW Traditional Kilim 132 x 204 cm

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NEW Traditional Kilim 132 x 204 cm

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The kilim rug is original and 100% hand woven in Afghanistan by Uzbek and Turkman tribes. Despite being newly made, the rug is in a traditional style and reports the classic symbols inspired by Persian Qashqai. The kilim is stunning also for the quality of the materials, wool and cotton are of the highest quality and no chemicals have been used in the dyes. Another interesting thing to notice is the presence of abrash, variation of colours which derive their name from a muted horse coat. Kilim rugs of fine quality are very hard wearing and resilient, so they are ideal items for any room. Kilims are very well-loved items because of their distinctive look and versatility. This beautiful Kilim is perfect for use as a bedroom rug, livingroom rug or kitchen rug. Suitable for both contemporary and vintage style homes.

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