Needlepoint Aubusson Rug

Needlepoint Aubusson Rug


Needlepoint Aubusson Rug 122 x 245 cm

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Decorate your floors with this hand woven Aubusson rug. decorated with a beautiful floral bouquet design woven in rich pinks and reds. The Floral Design Carpet is enclosed by a thin linear scroll and then a larger thick teal border. Perfecr for use in a large entrance way. This aubusson piece gets huge ammounts of attention in our rug store, because of the color and design. These handmade elegant Chinese Aubusson floor rugs has a soft shade of colors. These luxury rugs have gorgeous floral motifs and curves. With a high-level of detail on on every leaf and rose. Various floral borders and carves on this piece draw reference to Art Nouveau international style. Easily style this rug with combination with other decorative arts in the period of 1890- 1910. Create the sense of an open space with this glorious Aubusson rug. These floral patterned rugs look magnificent and are sure to stand out as living room rugs and large bedroom rugs Or kitchen rugs.

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