Molvovian Antique Kilim Rug

Molvovian Antique Kilim Rug


Molvovian Antique Kilim Rug 155 x 218 cm

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This oriental rug vintage Moldovian floral rug is from Romania, handwoven in, circa the 1920s which have used unusual color combinations. Torn between the influences of the Ottoman Empire to the south and Russian and Slavic countries to the north, this flat-weave rug from the Moldovia region of Eastern Europe features a double floral medallion inspired by English crewelwork and the tapestry designs of Western Europe while the vibrant colors and a red-on-black color scheme are entirely Romanian. These handmade carpet Kilims would complement your home as floor rugs. These floral patterned rugs look beautiful and would stand out as large bedroom rugs and dining room rugs. These washable rugs are one of a kind and cannot be find in every rug warehouse or rug store.

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