Anatolian Antique Kilim Rug

Anatolian Antique Kilim Rug


Anatolian Antique Kilim Rug 190 x 450 cm

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This Antique Turkish carpet was woven by highly skilled weavers in Turkey, who used the highest quality wool and cotton. Featuring muted colourways of red brown and beige. This large and colorful Turkish rug is sure to complement your home. These large Kilims look beautiful and would stand out as hallway rugs, bedroom rugs, or dining room rugs. This wool rug has very elegant shiny colors giving it a luxury edge. Kayseri, where this rug was hand-woven, was once the capital of Cappadocia, it is situated at the foot of Mount Erciyes. Kayseri people still weave kilims with many made specifically for the export market.

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